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Tip of the day

Article quality assessments

One of the most common methods used by WikiProject contributors to monitor and prioritize their work is that of assessing the articles within their scope. The de facto standard for these assessments is the Version 1.0 Editorial Team's assessment scale (shown below).

Featured article FA  – The article has attained featured article status by passing an official review.
A-Class article A  – The article is well organized and essentially complete, having been reviewed by impartial reviewers from this WikiProject or elsewhere. Good article status is not a requirement for A-Class.
GA  – The article has attained good article status by passing an official review.
B  – The article is mostly complete and without major problems, but requires some further work to reach good article standards.
C  – The article is substantial, but is still missing important content or contains much irrelevant material. The article should have some references to reliable sources, but may still have significant problems or require substantial cleanup.
Start  – An article that is developing, but which is quite incomplete. It might or might not cite adequate reliable sources.
Stub  – A very basic description of the topic. However, all very-bad-quality articles will fall into this category.

For a basic overview of article assessment, please see the Assessment FAQ.